...balanced Mediterranean diet

The company

Agrimon is a family business in the Greek Food Industry.

Its headquarters are in the district of Serres, in the region of Central Macedonia, in Lefkonas village.

The company

At the premises of Agrimon there are two lines of production, one line of packaging dry products (ready meals, pulses and rice) under the brand name <<Agrimon>> and one line of production and packaging of ready-to-use sauces and jams under the brand name <<Kipouros>>. This is where the business organizes all the procedures of production adhering to the ISO 22000/2018 standards for food safety and quality, incorporating in these procedures its values and producing its unique products.

Our products constitute a new category of food and have already found their place in most of the big and small Greek supermarket chains, while they are also being distributed all over Greece through selected representatives.

The company aspires to grow in exports by recommending to its collaborators, who are outside of Greece, products that will satisfy the nutritional needs of the consumers in the countries where they operate.

Our company aims to offer to all consumers the ability to enjoy food of a higher quality, advocating the Greek nutritional experience compliant with the Mediterranean diet. All that with respect for the individual, the society and the environment, honoring our promises to our consumers and collaborators.

Ο Δεκάλογος της υγιεινής διατροφής