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Balanced Nutrition

Dietitians recommend a diet with a variety of meals that contain a source of protein, a source of carbohydrates, vegetables and a piece of fruit, so that it provides us with health and vigor. This kind of diet is defined as balanced and it includes meals that contain the three macronutrients-carbohydrates, protein and fat-but also plenty of micronutrients.

Balanced Nutrition

The idea of a balanced diet is depicted on the visual representation of the healthy eating plate of the department of nutrition of Harvard University:


We can see a brief analysis of what and how much we should consume according to the healthy eating plate in the following link:

A Detailed Guide to Using MyPlate Plus Food Lists, and a 7-Day Meal Plan | Everyday Health


The ready meals of Agrimon adhere to the idea of a balanced diet! They consist of one or more macronutrients –pulses and grains-and a large variety of micronutrients provided by the herbs and spices contained in the product.

We are what we eat. And what we eat, determines our thoughts, our life, our present, our future and our destiny.

Alexis Carrel

surgeon and biologist, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine